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Media over QUIC is new live media protocol powered by QUIC: a super-charged TCP/UDP replacement designed for HTTP/3. It’s being developed by the IETF as a new standard.

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Everything is a work in progress, but some features include:

Fully open source demo and library

The native components are in Rust and the web components are in Typescript. Check out the issues and in touch if you’re interested in contributing, sponsoring, or just want more information!

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We are designing a protocol that is simple and yet flexible enough to support the wide range of use-cases: from ultra-low latency to ultra-high quality, 1 viewer to 1 million viewers, contribution and distribution, and everything in between. See the motivation for more information.

MoQ is still very early in development and many features are missing. Everything is liable to change, especially if you get involved!

If you want to help, check out the major issues

The protocol is being developed by the IETF MoQ working group. The IETF is an open organization that develops Internet standards, including some of your favorite protocols like HTTP, TLS, and DNS.

Note: This is not an official IETF website, nor does the MoQ working group endorse this website. The standard is being produced by many individuals from companies such as Google, Meta, Cisco, Akamai, etc.